Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Yes, I'm a shoe addict

Okay yes, I really love shoes. I can't deny it. Another thing I love: awesome companies and/or organizations. What happens when you mix the two? Sseko Designs! Yipee! Okay yes I am interning for them, but that is not why I love them, I love them because they are awesome/stylish/fun/comfortable/ and more. I have basically dubbed these the perfect shoe for a designer/artist such as myself because you can change them everyday (or halfway through the day as I'm often tempted to)! Different ways to tie and different straps = never ending fun (for me at least). 
sidenote: while I am a photographer, these aren't my photos, these are Ssekos lovely photos I'm using :)
hellooooo turquoise! probably my favorite 

yes these come in a close second I think...

be sure to check out the story behind Sseko on their website :)

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