Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bloggin' it up!

So I've decided it's about time for a blog post of MY favorite blogs! Yeah! I'll try to narrow it down to my absolute faces for you…as of now I have over 1000 unread items in my google reader! I hate hitting "mark as read" when I haven't actually read something, but I'll admit, sometimes I do. Okay now time for blogs! here they are:


NUBBY TWIGLET (  went to the same school as me, KILLER sense of fashion, amazing eye for design and typography and she has probably the most epic shoe collection I've ever seen.

EIGHT HOUR DAY ( A Graphic design studio with some amazing talent! Check the portfolio. I also love their blog. Ok, they're website header alone makes me love them, go to their site and see.

CORINNE ALEXANDRA / STUCK WITH PINS ( She is one of those rare people that is rockin' at both design and photography! Amazing style and work! Quite different than my own but I am constantly impressed by her stuff! 

THE LOVELY PACKAGE ( package design blog! some cool stuff! yep that's my description.

BRAND NEW ( basically a blog about cooperate identity work (sorry that description sounds boring) Basically when a company changes their logo these people review it (remember the GAP logo fiasco? yeah)

I LOVE TYPOGRAPHY ( about typography and fonts! enough said :)

LOGO DESIGN LOVE ( logo design! yep

okay these might be all I have for designers actually….I'm kind of addicted to pinterest as of late so I am constantly on there :)


TARA WHITNEY ( such a gorgeous eye for photography that is beautiful yet REAL! She also happens to live in Orange County so she has countless amazing photo sessions on the BEACH! wow :)

the ladies at SIMPLY BLOOM ( woooow! I'm totally speechless by their work! I don't even know how to describe it, just look for yourself and be amazed! (they are my top choice for a wedding photographer also) oh and p.s. ALL NATURAL LIGHT they rarely even use reflectors! way to be amazing.

Red Leaf Studios ( also AMAZING work! One of my favorite things about them is they still occasionally shoot in FILM and ROCK at it! :)

RYAN BRENIZER ( One of the only male photographers and designers I like I just realized? strange. Anyway, this guy rocks at off camera strobe lighting and crazy creativeness with that! He also has a knack for capturing THE perfect moment! He's also one of the creators of THE MOMENT JUNKIE blog (

JONI NIEMELA ( found this guy on flickr…he does AWESOME nature photography with this other-worldly light! I'm so impressed, no idea how he does it!

DIY/CRAFTY blogs: (may have shorter descriptions, this is a lot of writing for me this morning, haha)

P.S. I MADE THIS ( LOVE this one!!


HOW ABOUT ORANGE ( orange is my favorite color


VI HART ( I'm definitely not a fan of MATH in any way, but this girl is awesome! YES I subscribe to her blog and watch her math videos, she makes everything sound so easy!

LITTLE THINGS ( an ongoing (quite extensive list) of little things to be thankful for, love it!

WOW this is a lot! Hope you guys can find some new awesome blogs you've never read before! 

I'm hoping to get outside today for some photography so maybe you'll be searing a new post soon!


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